Sberbank Conducts Interdealer Repo Transaction Backed by NSD Tri-Party Services

06 December 2017
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Sberbank has started using National Settlement Depository’s collateral management service for its interdealer repo transactions.

Andrey Shemetov, Vice President, Head of the Global Markets Department, Sberbank CIB, pointed out: “The service model is a global trend which lets corporations focus on the things they do best. In this sense, complex solutions, including those related to outsourcing the collateral management service to NSD, may be in the bank’s interest as they allow us to increase our operating margins and to raise the competitiveness of our products and services in general.”

Alina Akchurina, Managing Director for Collateral management and Tri-Party Services, NSD, added: “Sberbank representatives and other leading players on the repo market were deeply involved in the new service development process. We consider this a crucial factor in driving demand for this service. NSD’s tri-party services are one element in a broad range of services offered by the Moscow Exchange Group to its clients in different financial market segments.”

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