Share of OFZ in Foreign Nominees Accounts Reaches 29.62% in June 2020

03 July 2020
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According to data issued by the Information Center of National Settlement Depository (NSD), on 30 June 2020, the share of non-residents (calculated as a share of OFZ in foreign nominee accounts) demonstrated a slight increase as compared to May and reached 29.62% (based on the current nominal value) and 29.33% (based on the initial nominal value).

In June, there were fluctuations between 29.62% - 30.56% (when a share was calculated based on the current nominal value) and 29.33 - 30.25% (when a share was calculated based on the initial nominal value that reflects a change in participants’ positions excluding the nominal value’s depreciation/indexation).

Meanwhile, on 30 June 2020, the share of OFZ in foreign nominees’ accounts and the accounts of fully foreign-owned financial institutions* equaled to 35.45% (based on the current nominal value).

In June 2020, there were significant changes in non-residents’ share in the following categories:

In the end of the month, the share in OFZ-PD 24021 maturing in April 2030 reduced significantly – by 10.73 p.p. as compared to the beginning of June. OFZ-PD 26228 maturing in April 2030 – the share reduced by 5.26 p.p. to 53.93%; OFZ-PD 26233 maturing in July 2035 – the share grew by 3.74 p.p. to 4.86%; OFZ-PD 26230 maturing in March 2039 – the share reduced by 4.42 p.p. to 29.85%;

OFZ-PD 26225 maturing in May 2034 – the share reduced by 4.12 p.p. to 39.22%. On 3 June, OFZ-PD 26234 was issued; by the middle of June the share of non-residents exceeded 10%, and by the end of the year it reached 20.01%. 

June seems quite stable as compared to May; key changes in non-resident shares occurred in the middle of the month.

* Determined based on Bank of Russia data

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