URALSIB AM Joins NSD’s Mutual Fund Distribution Platform

19 November 2019
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URALSIB AM has connected to National Settlement Depository’s (NSD) Mutual Fund Distribution Platform.

The platform allows asset management companies to offer mutual fund units to a wider circle of investors, and lets brokerage companies expand their product range, providing brokerage companies clients (i.e. the clients of nominees) with access to the collective investment market.

NSD’s Mutual Fund Distribution Platform reduces operational risks, increases transaction reliability, and decreases the operational load on the back office due to faster generation and processing of instructions. The system provides the centralized record keeping of investment units and allows get access to full information about instruction statuses. The platform is based on open architecture which allows carrying out transactions and unifying interactions between brokers, asset management companies, specialized depositories and registrars. Currently, 16 brokerage companies/nominees and 13 asset management companies use these services.

“The advanced National Settlement Depository's Mutual Fund Distribution Platform will allow our company to create an additional sales channel and invite new professional participants – brokerage companies – to sell URALSIB AM investment units. Using NSD as a nominee, brokers will be able to conduct any transactions in mutual fund units online, regardless of geographic location. This will let our company organize the process for distributing mutual fund units to any interested participant,” said Dmitry Dubrovsky, Head of the Sales Channels Development, URALSIB AM.

Denis Buryakov, Managing Director for Depository Operations, NSD, added: “NSD as financial market infrastructure is striving to offer new opportunities and to create optimum conditions and a comfortable environment for investment market participants. NSD’s Mutual Fund Distribution Platform is a universal system and an effective tool to organize convenient and accelerated interactions between all market participants via NSD. The increasing number of NSD Mutual Fund Distribution Platform participants demonstrates their interest in using electronic interactions to distribute mutual fund units.”

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