VTB Registrar to Provide Users of Its Electronic Services with NSD’s Corporate Actions Data

04 June 2018
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National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, and VTB Registrar have developed and started testing a new service to provide clients with up-to-date information about corporate actions. NSD’s information will be integrated in VTB Registrar’s electronic services, such as a Shareholder’s (a UIT Unit Holder’s) Personal Account via the Meeting Portal, VTB Shareholder and Quorum mobile applications.

VTB Registrar’s clients will receive up-to-date data about corporate actions processed in real time mode. To get additional information, VTB Registrar service users will be able to switch to the newsfeed of NSD’s Corporate Information Center (CIC News) – www.nsddata.ru.

Maxim Getsman, Deputy CEO for Core Operations, VTB Registrar, said: “NSD’s service www.nsddata.ru contains a lot of information about almost the entire Russian securities market which is useful and important for investors. Brief and up-to-date information received by investors will make them aware of the most important events, such as meetings of shareholders, dividend payments, and repurchase of shares, etc. Sometimes a reminder received in due time helps investors make a right and reasonable decision.”

Alexander Diakovskiy, Managing Director for Information Assets, NSD, pointed out: “The final goal for the development of Russia’s Corporate Information Center is to provide all categories of investors with access to full and up-to-date corporate data with a transparent legal status. For this, NSD develops an information environment involving all major data dissemination channels. The integration of the Corporate Information Center’s news in the VTB Registrar services is a unique project; in this project, NSD’s information solutions will form a foundation to share information in a timely and high quality manner with shareholders via an independent registrar’s channels.”

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