NSD has updated the List of Tax Rates and References

22 July 2021
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Attn.: Foreign nominees

Please note that NSD has updated the List of Tax Rates and References under the Russian Tax code posted on NSD’s official website (on ‘Tax Management’ page). The following line has been added to the List:

2261 17 Государственные ценные бумаги РФ (ОФЗ) /Federal Bonds (OFZ)
Региональные ценные бумаги (субъектов РФ и муниципальные) /
Regional bonds (Sub-federal bonds, Municipal bonds)
Russian Non Tax -Resident

Federal Law No. 305-FZ dated 2 July 2021 makes amendments to Article 226.1 of the Russian Tax Code with effect from 2 August 2021. In accordance with new paragraph 17 of Article 226.1 of the Russian Tax Code: “Calculation and withholding of tax on income paid to individuals who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation shall not be performed by the tax agent in the event of payment of interest income on government securities of the Russian Federation, government securities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipal securities.”

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