NSD's settlement services mainly cover the markets operated by the Moscow Exchange Group. NSD acts as:

  • Settlement depository that settles securities trades made on the trading platforms operated by Moscow Exchange. NSD's settlement services are provided both in the course of securities offerings on trading platforms and in the course of their further trading in the secondary market.
  • Settlement organization that supports cash settlements in Russian rubles and foreign currencies in trades made on the exchange markets operated by the Moscow Exchange Group.

NSD also acts as settlement depository for St. Petersburg Currency Exchange (SPCEX).

NSD's clients are offered a possibility to quickly make trades in securities listed in organized markets. Trades are settled on a net basis. Settlements depend on a clearing type:

  • trade-by-trade clearing;
  • post-trading clearing; or
  • intraday clearing.


  • Online data interchange with stock exchanges and clearing houses: securities credited to trading accounts with NSD become immediately available for trading.
  • Possibility to quickly transfer securities between markets.
  • Trading accounts may be used to settle OTC trades (as soon as a confirmation that securities may be unblocked is received from the trading system).

Signing up for the service

To get access to trading on Moscow Exchange or SPCEX, a professional securities market participant must meet the exchange's requirements to access to trading and clearing services.

To open a trading sub-account (including additional trading sub-accounts) in an owner securities account, omnibus securities account, or trustee securities account, a client is required to give the applicable instruction to NSD.

Guidelines on how to discontinue receiving MT 544 and MT 546 statements for on-exchange trades (6 March 2015)


NSD charges the fixed fee for each securities transfer between trading sub-accounts. For more details, please refer to the 'Fee Schedule' section of NSD's web site.

For further information, please contact the Client Relations Unit (tel.: +7 495 956-27-90) or NSD's regional representatives.

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