Electronic voting

The requirements to the issuance, transmission, acceptance, and processing of electronic documents for the purposes of voting at meetings of UIT unit or Mortgage Participation Certificate holders is described in Section 7 of Appendix 4 "Transit of Electronic Documents via the NSD’s EDI System" ("Peculiarities of the Transit of Electronic Documents to Be Sent for the Purpose of Ensuring the Voting on Securities").

Electronic Data Interchange Rules of NSD

Guidelines for the completion of voting documents and voting document templates:

For investment units

For mortgage backed securities

Connection requirements

In order to use electronic voting documents registrars and NSD participants should:

  • Sign EDI agreement with NSD
  • Receive electronic signature key with certificate for “Electronic data interchange with NSD”
  • Install Web-service and File Gateway
  • Provide NSD with Participant’s Details Form for EDI
  • Provide POA to sign electronic documents in NSD EDI System with powers 1, 4 or 5.


According to the current fees schedule NSD charges a fee per each message containing a voting document, transmitted via the NSD EDI System. Please refer to "Fees for using NSD EDI System".

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