Sberbank to Provide Shareholders with the Option of E-Voting via NSD

05 May 2017
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National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, has completed developing its e-voting platform. According to the securities depository, the new service will be used for the first time at Sberbank’s Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

The e-voting platform will enable security holders to remotely participate in shareholder meetings held via joint presence and to vote at the meetings held in absentia.

The new platform can be accessed via the Unified Authorization and Authentication System (UAAS), which is available on the State Services Portal.

In addition to this, Sberbank shareholders will be able to use the e-voting service at Sberbank's Annual General Meeting of shareholders via a one-time login and password received from JSC STATUS (Sberbank's registrar).

The securities depository’s release explains: “In order to vote, a shareholder shall visit In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, he/she shall click on the Vote icon. Then, the shareholder will be taken to the authorization page where he/she will input the correct login and password information to use the State Services Portal. If the authorization is successful, the shareholder will then select an issuer from the list in his/her account. Then, he/she shall select a relevant corporate action; on a special page, the shareholder will receive access to all necessary materials and documents associated with the corporate action, as well as to the voting function.”

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