The Bank of Russia: In 2016, the Value of Assets under Custody in CSD Grew 13% to RUB 40 Trillion

03 May 2017
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According to the Bank of Russia’s 2016 annual report, the value of assets under custody in National Settlement Depository increased by 13% and reached RUB 40 trillion.

The mega-regulator explains: “The value of securities under custody in the central securities depository (CSD), the functions of which are performed by National Settlement Depository (NSD), grew by 13% to RUB 40 trillion. This was mainly driven by an increase in the value of shares under custody and an inflow of securities accepted for servicing.”

The number of transactions registered with NSD's repository increased more than five-fold and reached 2.4 million transactions. According to the report, it was mainly due to the introduction of mandatory reports on transactions concluded beyond master agreements on 1 November 2016.

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