NSD Announces Results of Its Supervisory Board Meeting

18 April 2018
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On 17 April 2018, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s central securities depository, took place.

The Supervisory Board approved the new version of NSD’s Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations. The document will come into effect once the Bank of Russia approves it.

The Supervisory Board also took into consideration the Q1 2018 Activities Report of NSD’s Controller of the Professional Securities Market Participant, approved the Report on NSD’s Corporate Governance for 2017, and approved combining by Eddie Astanin the position of Chairman of the Executive Board of NSD with the position of a member of the Board of Directors of JSC Settlement Depository Company.

The Supervisory Board also changed the composition of NSD’s Customer Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations: Svetlana Galkovskaya, Director of the Operations Division, JSC STATUS, was appointed as a new member of the Committee; she replaced Yulia Burlakova whose powers were terminated.

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