About the installation of an updated repository format scheme in the NSD’s test environment

01 June 2020
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Dear Clients,

Please be advised that on June 1, 2020, an updated version of the repository formats scheme was installed in the NSD‘s test environment (TEST3), including the following changes:

There are following (optional) fields added to the CM083 (repoBulkReport):

  • Delivery date for the first part (fpmlext:repo/fpmlext:spotLeg/nsdext:deliveryDate)
  • Delivery date for the second part (fpmlext:repo/fpmlext:forwardLeg/nsdext:deliveryDate)

The updated scheme is optional for installation for those participants who do not or plan to use the CM083 in the reporting.

Participants who are using the CM083 in the reporting and planning to start to indicate the repo delivery date in the form from August 16, 2020 can begin testing from now on.

The readiness of the NSD’s test environment for using the Short and Full official names of repository participants in the forms will be announced later (presumably in July 2020).

Estimated date of the scheme installation in the NSD’s commercial environment - August 16, 2020.

Information about the format is available on the specialized Trade Repository website.

For questions related to the repository matters please use the contacts on the NSD’s website or submit your queries directly to with the message subject “Formats. Instructions."

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