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20 May 2020
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Dear Clients,

Please be informed that information at the Repository website in respect of coming changes in 2020 has been updated.

Added a notice:

Important! Please note that all partyName tags in messages must be filled in with the Full official name:

  • for TradeRepository please indicate Небанковская кредитная организация акционерное общество "Национальный расчетный депозитарий"
  • for Party1 / 2; Sender; UTIGeneratingParty please indicate Full official name in accordance with the Directory of repository participants.

If Party or UTIGeneratingParty is not presented in the Directory, Sender should follow to the procedure for filling out the messages of the repository.

Please also pay you attention that all information regarding the forthcoming changes in the repository reporting in 2020 is now available at repository.nsd.ru, including the link to the repository news.

For questions related to the repository matters please use the contacts on the NSD’s website or submit your queries directly to with the message subject “Formats. Instructions."

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