New version of “Louch” software (v. 8.1.7) is available for testing interaction (trial operations) between NSD Repository and its Clients

04 December 2012
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Test version of “Louch” software has been updated. This current test version contains bug fixes.

New version is available here.
This update is recommended for trial operations for all participants.

Please note that:

  1. The present version of “Louch” software is a pilot version and intended for testing interaction between NSD Repository and its Clients, thus it shall be installed on separate computer with separate database;
  2. A weekly software updates are expected during trial operations period.

NOTICE: the mentioned version of “Louch” software is intended solely and exclusively for repository messages testing (with first symbol “F” in the file name), sending other messages types is prohibited. NSD will not be held responsible for using trial “Louch” software for any other purposes.

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