NSD optimized structure of the web-portal ‘NSD’s Trade repository messages specifications’

27 August 2013
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  1. Due to a transition from 27 August, 2013 to a new trade repository messages formats and in order to optimize NSD’s Trade repository messages specifications web-site, the latter’s structure has been modified without changing previously published data.
    1. 1.1. Section 1 – Technology: general information on new messages formats and business rules.
    2. 1.2. Section 2 – Specification: contains three subsections where current, accepted and developed documentation. There are several documentation types in each subsection:
      • • Appendices to the Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services;
      • • Xsd-scheme;
      • • Reference guide to an xsd-scheme;
      • • Message examples.
      Current documentation subsection contains all mentioned above documentation.
    3. 1.3. Section 3 – Additional services: contains the following subsections:
      • • Conversion between different messages types;
      • • Online forms for creating and editing messages.
    4. 1.4. Section 4 – Testing: information on trial operations, including trial operations schedule.
  2. In the Additional services section information is published on new convertible format – table format. This format considers filling the tables in csv or dbf or xls format.
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