NSD publishes message formats for credit derivatives and repo trades

15 April 2013
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In accordance with the plan NSD is to continue publishing new Repository’s message formats specifications intended for interaction between the Repository and participants.

The following message formats are available to participants:

  1. Repo trades, including trades with bonds and equities
  2. Credit derivatives:
    • Credit default swap
    • Credit default swaption

On 22 April, 2013 the final materials – reporting form for other trade types, not previously published – shall be disclosed.

Information on new message formats is disclosed on web-portal “Trade repository. Message specifications”.

Transition to a new message formats is planned on 01 October 2013. Testing period starts in June 2013.

Please contact Alexander Ermakov on questions regarding new message formats by e-mail:  or by phone +7 495 956 10 70 ext. 4966

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