On ability to receive Repository payment documents on a repository code specified by the Client

15 December 2014
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Dear clients!

Please be advised that starting December 15, 2014 NSD’s Repository implemented option allowing to receive payment documents* (invoice, acceptance act, attachment to invoice) for the Repository services using an Identification (repository) code which differs from the main Client’s code assigned by NSD.

Clients willing to use this ability should provide NSD with the relevant request in accordance with the template, while considering the following features about receiving payment documents:

  1. Payment documents are sent to the repository code specified by the client only starting the next month following the month when request was submitted.
  2. Selected repository code must have correct and up-to-date EDI questionnaire, registered with NSD.
  3. In case Client has provided the Repository with the Power of Attorney in accordance with the Appendix 5 to the Terms and conditions for provision of repository services and appointed a Principal reporting agent with rights to receive payment documents, Client is required:
    • At the same time with providing the request recall such Power of Attorney (PoA) and submit a new PoA removing the right to receive payment documents from it;
    • Wait until PoA expiration – in that case the request to receive payment documents will come in effect after the PoA expires (considering provision stipulated in clause 1 above).

Additional information on payment for the repository services is published in the relevant section of NSD’s website.

Template of the request on receiving payment documents is published in ‘Repository regulations, rules and legislation’ section of NSD’s website.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

See the Repository messages specifications on a specialized web site.

* – Please note that in order to receive payment documents in electronic form Client should:

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