On changing the selecting algorithms for countering messages and matching in the Repository

28 November 2013
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Due to the repository participants request in order to simplify search algorithms and matching of the countering reporting forms, NSD applies the following changes in the Repository’s server software:

  1. Changing the numbers matching:

    When comparing all fields containing numbers (such types as: xsd:decimal; money; NonNegativeDecimal; PositiveDecimal; xsd:integer) they are transformed into a unufued format in order to avoid discrepancies in writing. Thus the correct verification shall be provided for numbers such as, for example, ‘100’, ‘100.’, ‘00100.00’, ‘100.000000’, ‘000100’ etc.

  2. Changing the route matching:

    When comparing countering messages no matching shall be done for routes until the schemes defining the tags. Meaning that if on one side indicated
    <name reportingRegimeNameScheme="http://www.fpml.org/coding-scheme/reporting-regime">RussianFederation</name>, 
    and on the other side –
    no analyzing for reportingRegimeNameScheme  shall be done and such messages shall pass the matching.

  3. Requirement changing for checking the incoming messages:
    1. Cancellation shall be implemented by Repository for messages which contain the fields with ncf desciptor (FpML format field which is not supported by NSD’s Repository).
    2. correlationID tag check shall be implemented for compliance with the mask filling [Sender’s repository code]-[YYYY]-[outgoing message number]. Messages where correlationID doesn’t comply with the mask, also shall be cancelled.

Mentioned above changes are implemented in the trial Repository system since 18 November 2013 and are available for testing for all trial operations participants.

Estimated date for implementing the changes in the Repository commercial operations system: 9 December, 2013.

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