On changing the selecting algorithms for countering messages and matching in the Repository (part 2)

28 November 2013
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For the attention of Repository’s participants: NSD has fixed an error in fields verification, marked as ‘mre’ in the xsd-scheme (mandatory fields). In the previous version of Repository software in some cases (such as when a nominal value is absent in the initial repo contract registration message) the absence of ‘mre’ tags resulted in the rejection of message during a validation stage. Such cases resulted in matching problems for counterparties messages, which included or not included such fields. In the new release the absence of the fields with ‘mre’ tags in message shall result in cancellation of such message.

Mentioned above changes are implemented in the trial Repository system since 18 November 2013 and are available for testing for all trial operations participants.

Estimated date for implementing the changes in the Repository commercial operations system: 9 December, 2013.

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

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