On maximum size of files sent to NSD’s Repository as attachments to the reporting forms

22 July 2015
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Dear clients,

in order to ensure straight-through data exchange between NSD’s Repository clients (their Principal and Reporting agents) when reconciling master agreements’ and contracts’ please take into the consideration that certain NSD’s electronic communication channels, used by clients for data transfer have limits on size of incoming and outgoing files:

No limits set for file size: File size is limited (no more than 15 Mb):

* available in Russian only

NSD’s Repository does not limit size of the file attached to the clients’ master agreement and contract reporting forms, but if one of counterparties uses LUCH with e-mail as communication channel during combined or step-by-step confirmation, reporting form won’t be sent from Repository to such counterparty if file’s size exceeds the limit.

It should also be considered that clients, interacting with NSD via e-mail as communication channel, can set their own limits for size of incoming messages. This may also result in non-receiving the reporting form and – possibly – in violating the reporting terms.

In order to avoid such situations NSD recommends:

  • to limit the file sizes which are attached to the reporting forms;
  • to make sure that your counterparties are interacting with NSD not using the e-mail as communication channel.
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