On provision of UTI for data registration in the Contracts register

01 July 2016
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Dear clients,

Please be advised that in accordance with the paragraph 25 of the Bank of Russia’s Directive 3253-U dated 30.04.2014, Repository is required to decline message input into the Contracts register in case such message lacks Unique Transaction Identifier – this requirement is applied to contracts and master agreements, concluded after 1 July, 2016.

If needed, you can use NSD’s service for UTI generation, available via the WEB-client. In such case LEI of the party (Reporting agent) generating UTI shall be used. This service is provided free of charge.

Note that NSD does not regulate issues related to the determination of the party, responsible for the formation of the UTI – the latter should be identified by the parties of the contract (master agreement).

For the questions on repository services please use the contacts provided on NSD’s website.

See the Repository messages specifications on a specialized web site.

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