Section "Documentation projects" is published on NSD's website. Information on trial operations

08 July 2013
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  1. Due to the fixing since 1 July, 2013 of contents in sections “Message format”, “XSD-schema”, “Reference guide”, “Legal documents” on the specialized trade repository web-portal, a new section “Documentation projects” is created, where proposed changes in messages specifications, coming in effect in October, 2013, will be published. The pages of the web site, containing documentation projects, will be marked such in the headline of the page.

    Documentation projects are available in Russian at the moment; the English version shall be prepared until 31 July, 2013.

  2. Section, containing information on trial operations, is available at specialized trade repository web site (see “Testing”). Reference guide of Repository participants in trial operations is updated.
  3. Technical documentation on connecting to the repository web service is published in English.

Please contact Alexander Ermakov on questions regarding new message formats by e-mail: or by phone +7 495 956 10 70 ext. 4966.

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