NSD adopts new repository message formats

01 July 2013
Print version
  1. Due to adoption of a new version of the Terms and conditions for the provision of repository services (hereinafter:
    • On 1 July, 2013 NSD finalizes new documents schemes and content in sections “Message format”, “XSD-scheme”, “Reference guide”, “Legal documents” on the specialized trade repository web-portal. Adoption of the new Terms is planned in August, 2013;
    • Draft versions of message specifications will be available on the test version of the web-portal which will be available for the Clients since 8 July, 2013;
    • Adoption of the next repository messages specifications versions which allows to register all trade types, stipulated in the Federal law “On securities market” is planned on 2 September, 2013 and coming into effect in October, 2013.
  2. In accordance with the trial operations schedule since 1 July 2013 Microsoft CSA and RSA keys are available for testing interaction with Repository. Details are available in the “Testing” section on the specialized web-portal.
  3. On the “Message converter” section of the specialized web-portal new on-line message viewer of the conversion results is available.
  4. List of repository messages in the Reference guide is updated.
  5. Documents print forms are published in the “Additional services” section.
  6. Several elements in the XSD-schemes are specified. Information on changes is available on “Comparison” page.

Please contact Alexander Ermakov on questions regarding new message formats by e-mail:  or by phone +7 495 956 10 70 ext. 4966

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