Amendments to the Fee Schedule for NSD’s Cash Transfer and Related Services

21 December 2015
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Ref. No. 03-20/9934 dated 21 December 2015

Attn.: NSD’s Clients

Please be advised that, in accordance with the resolution passed by NSD’s Supervisory Board on 21 July 2015 regarding the amendments to the Fee Schedule for NSD’s Cash Transfer and Related Services (the “Fee Schedule”) and in accordance with Order No. 311 dated 18 December 2015, the amended and restated Fee Schedule will take effect on 1 January 2016.

The Fee Schedule has been amended to reflect the extended list of settlement services offered by NSD and to bring the Fee Schedule in line with the customary banking practice.

The principal amendments to the Fee Schedule include the following:

  • Due to the introduction of the service of cash transfer to clients’ accounts held with NSD or accounts held with other banks under a standing instruction, paragraph 1.1.4 has been added to the Fee Schedule to set out the monthly charge for maintaining a bank account of NSD’s client who uses the standing instruction service;
  • Due to the fact that foreign banks with which NSD has correspondent relationships apply negative interest rates to Euro cash balances in NSD’s correspondent accounts, paragraph 1.1.5 has been added to the Fee Schedule to set out the fee payable for keeping cash funds in Euro in client’s bank accounts with NSD. In addition, Note 9 has been added to the Fee Schedule to explain how the fee is to be calculated.
    Please note that paragraph 1.1.5 of the Fee Schedule will apply if the average daily balance in all of the client’s EUR accounts during the billing month exceeded EUR 1,000,000.00.
  • Due to the changes in the procedure for providing clients with bank account statements in hard copy, different fees chargeable for this service have been introduced (sub-paragraphs to of paragraph 1.5 (Information and Other Services) of the Fee Schedule).

The full text of the Fee Schedule is available in the ‘Fees / Fee Schedule’ section of NSD’s web site.

Should you have any question related to this message, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager at: +7 (495) 956-27-90, +7 (495) 956-27-91, or NSD’s regional representatives.

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