Information interaction to ensure NSD Payment System continuity

17 April 2015
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Dear NSD Payment System participants,

Please note that in order to improve the level of the NSD Payment System’s uninterrupted operation, in accordance with clause 16.3.4 of NSD Payment System Rules, each NSD Payment System Participant shall inform the NSD Payment System Operator in writing on whether it has a designated business unit or employee responsible for ensuring business continuity, and provide the NSD Payment System Operator with the contact details of such employees either by mailing a relevant letter to the NSD Payment System Operator, or by sending a scan of such letter by e-mail to .

Please also note that in accordance with clause 16.3.3 of NSD Payment System Rules, NSD Payment System Participants shall be required to prepare, approve, keep updated, and test (at least once a year) their own business continuity plans.

We would be grateful if you could send your suggestions, comments and questions related to NSD business continuity to the email address provided above. We will consider all incoming messages and provide feedback if required.

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