NSD and NSD Payment System operations over 2024 public holidays in Russia

28 November 2023
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O/Ref. 28845 dated 28 November 2023

Attn.: NSD clients
NSD Payment System participants

Please be advised that NSD being a money transfer operator and operator of the systemically important NSD Payment System (Registration Number in the Register of Payment System Operators is 0014), will operate as follows during the public holidays in 2024.

1,2 and 7 January, 23 February, 8 March, 1 and 9 May, 12 June and 4 November 2024 are non-working holidays and NSD will be closed for all clients (including participants of NSD Payment System).

On 3-5 and 8 January, 29-30 April, 10 May and 30 December 2024, NSD will provide depository and banking services to its clients, including money transfers in the NSD Payment System, subject to the rules set out by the Bank of Russia and correspondent banks.

Transactions involving liaising with external counterparties will be executed depending on the counterparties' operating hours.

Detailed information on certain services, including settlement of repo transactions by the Bank of Russia, Federal Treasury, Finance Committee of St. Petersburg and Finance Committee of Leningrad Region in a basket of securities with clearing and collateral management by NSD, corporate actions, NSD Repository services (including Financial Transaction Registrar services) and information services on those dates will be announced in due course.

On 27 April, 2 November and 28 December 2024, business days (Saturdays) in Russia, NSD will be providing depository and banking services (including services of the NSD Payment System), as well as NSD's Trade Repository services (including services provided by the Registrar of Financial Transactions) and information services as usual.

We would also like to inform you that in connection with the scheduled works, the depository's transaction day will be opened on 30 December 2023, at the end of which regular data inquiry reports on forms IS401 and IS411 will be sent out.

For all questions related to this notification, please contact us:

  • clients – to the Customer Relations team by phone on +7 495 956-27-90, +7 495 956-27-91;
  • issuers – to the Issuer Relations team by phone on +7 495 232-05-27 and by e-mail at ;
  • registrars – to the Registrar Relations team by phone on +7 495 232-02-73 and by e-mail at .
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