On introducing the new version of Fee Schedule for NSD's Information Services

01 December 2023
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Ref. No. 29084dated 29 November 2023

Attn: NSD clients

National Settlement Depository (NSD) ХХХ informs that, with effect from 12 December 2023, an updated version of NSD's Fees for Information Services (the "Fee Schedule") will come into force.

The updated Fee Schedule sets tariffs for new services, namely:

  • Information services for providing fair value estimates for subordinated bonds serviced by NSD (clause 2.3 of the Fee Schedule).

As part of the service, NSD has issued the Subordinated Bonds Estimation Methodology, which will allow clients to address the issue of qualitative assessment of the fair value of subordinated bonds, manage their assets more efficiently, and expand their opportunities using reliable data.

The full text of the Fee Schedule is available on the NSD website at www.nsd.ru, Fee Schedules Section.

If you have any enquiries regarding this notice, please contact NSD's Customer Service team by phone on +7 495 956-27-90, +7 495 956-27-91.

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