NSD implements the business continuity plan in the context of the world coronavirus pandemic

17 March 2020
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NSD hereby informs you about the measures being taken to protect health and wellbeing of our staff and to ensure business continuity amid global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and the official guidelines issued by the Mayor of Moscow.

Currently, NSD has taken the following steps:

  • Mandatory 14-day self-isolation (with the possibility to work at home) for all employees who recently visited any of the countries listed in the relevant Decree of the Mayor of Moscow.
  • Business travel is restricted to essential business purposes only. Any such essential business travel must be pre-approved by the Chairman of NSD's Executive Board and will be subject to enhanced monitoring.
  • In accordance with NSD's Business Continuity Strategy, those employees who are not involved in any business processes critical to company's business continuity may, and are recommended to work at home until further notice.
  • The staff involved in any business processes critical to company's business continuity are distributed between NSD's two sites: the primary site and the backup site.
  • IT systems used by employees working remotely are subjected to performance tests on a regular basis.
  • Employees are recommended to keep personal meetings with their co-workers and clients to a minimum.
  • Any activities, including Committee meetings and client seminars, will be either re-scheduled to a later date or, if possible, held remotely (as webinars or online conferences).
  • More stringent health measures have been taken to reduce the probability of the virus's spread; disinfection equipment has been installed at the company's office premises. Employees are being provided with antiseptics and recommended to use those more frequently.

We will continue monitoring COVID-19 developments closely and keep you updated on the public health and business continuity measures being taken by NSD.

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