Commercial Payments in HKD Unavailable

04 March 2020
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Ref. 47-20/1496 dated 3 March 2020

Attn.: NSD's clients

Please be advised that due to a change in the payment policies related to payments in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) of Bank ICBC (JSC) and BANK OF CHINA (RUSSIA) which are correspondent banks of NSD, commercial payments (MT103) in HKD are currently unavailable to NSD’s clients.

Starting from 5 March 2020, payment instructions for customer transfers (MT103) in HKD will no longer be processed.

From 5 March, only interbank transfers (МТ202) in HKD will be available.

Changes will not affect MT103 transfers made in favour of NSD’s clients via NSD’s correspondent account with BANK OF CHINA (RUSSIA).

Please take note of this information for payments in HKD.

In case of any question related to this communication, you may contact your account managers at +7 495 956-27-90, +7 495 956-27-91.

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