On changes into the Fee schedules for NSD’s Repository services

01 September 2015
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Dear clients,

Please be advised that in accordance with the NSD’s Chairman of Executive Board Order on 1 October, 2015 the new version of the Fee schedules for NSD’s Repository services (hereinafter – the Fee schedule) comes in effect.

See the adopted, not in effect new version of the Fee schedule on the official NSD’s website in the ‘Fee schedule’ section.

The following changes shall come in effect starting 1 October, 2015:

  • Fee for Master agreement reporting form registration (in electronic form) is abolished, while the fee for same reporting form provided in hard copy is maintained.
  • Due to the changes in the legislation, fee for the registration of Contracts entered into over the quarter, in the Contracts register, on the basis of a quarterly report, has been abolished (both for electronic and for hard copy forms).
  • Minimal amount of invoice for the Repository services is set as 1 000 (one thousand) RUB.
  • Unified fee is set for recordkeeping of registered Contracts in the Contracts Register.
  • Registration fee for Master agreement reporting forms and Contract reporting forms provided in hard copies is changed.
  • Special fee is implemented for clients which are not required to provide information to the Repository and which submitted Notification on rejection to provide information to the Repository (CM012 form) in accordance with the current legislation.

For your convenience please see the presentation which describes general changes into the Fee schedule.

Please note that presentation published in the ‘Repository / Payment for repository services – Q&A’ section of NSD’s website has been updated.
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