RE: Indication of new aliases of securities sub-accounts in instructions

04 August 2015
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Ref. № АС-20/6010 dated 4 August 2015

Attn.: NSD’s Clients

Dear clients,

As part of the Electronic Matching project, NSD has completed the second stage of the implementation of the new service that allows our clients to use short aliases to identify securities sub-accounts.

With effect from 10 August 2015, clients will be able to indicate aliases in instructions submitted to NSD either via LUCH software, or via SWIFT, or in hard copy.

As the use of an alias is optional, the clients will be able to continue indicating a combination of a securities account number + a sub-account code. It will not be allowed indicating both a sub-account code and an alias at the same time.

However, it will be allowed to provide one party’s details using an alias, while indicating the other party’s details using a securities account number and a sub-account code (save for transaction 20).

We remind you that to receive information on the aliases assigned, it will be required to submit an information request (Form IF444, transaction code 42, request type 8) to NSD. Upon completion of the transaction, you will be provided with a report (Form IS420) along with a notice of securities accounts / securities sub-accounts (Form AA008).

Currently, most of NSD’s reports sent via LUCH software already contain securities account numbers and sub-account codes together with an alias assigned (both in hard copy, and in the dbf format).

Below is the table containing information on NSD’s reports that will additionally contain a client’s and counterparty’s aliases starting from 10 August 2015.

Report Code Report Name / Principal Transactions Reflected in the Report
IS412 Report/statement of transactions in a securities account
GF088 Notice of bank account details
MS840 Administrative blocking/release
MS18M Report on marking resources for selection of securities
MS18Р Report on the registration of a borrower’s details form for repo trades with collateral management
MS030 Acceptance of securities for safekeeping and/or record keeping / Withdrawal of securities from safekeeping and/or record keeping
IS40A Confirmation of the number of securities (in hard copy)
IS41K Report/statement for transactions in sub-accounts
In addition to client’s aliases currently being indicated in these reports, counterparty’s aliases will be indicated

In addition, with effect from 10 August 2015, in reports sent via SWIFT, it is possible to show aliases. The client can choose one of the available options for providing information on a securities sub-account in SWIFT reports:

  • securities account number + sub-account code (default option); or
  • alias.

To have an alias reflected in SWIFT statements, the client must generate transaction 93, where the client must choose either the securities account in general (all sub-accounts), or a specific sub-account. In this case, SWIFT statements either for the securities account selected or for the sub-account selected will contain an alias only.

Stage 3

At a later stage, to make it more convenient to search for information, NSD will make available, in a restricted-access section of NSD’s official web site, an alias database that will be updated on a daily basis. Clients will be granted access to the alias database and will also be able to download the entire database as an xml file.

For detailed information on the method of indicating an alias in instructions, information on NSD’s reports in which aliases may be indicated, some examples of hard-copy report forms, and information on the alias database being currently under development, please visit NSD’s web site, the ‘Aliases’ section.

Should you have any question related to this message, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager at: +7 (495) 956-27-90, +7 (495) 956-27-91, or NSD’s regional representatives.

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