Results of a special testing of informing by the cascade method in emergency situation

01 October 2014
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Dear clients,

On 27 September 2014, NSD conducted a special testing of its procedures for informing members of the company's Emergency Situation Management Committee and employees in the event of an emergency. The testing was conducted as a part of the NSD’s Business Continuity Program; no employees or managers were warned in advance about the test. The process of informing employees about the emergency situation by the cascade method took 1 hour and 32 minutes. 85.7% of employees of NSD’s divisions were informed. In accordance with success criteria established by the Testing Plan (no fewer than 70% of staff members were to be informed within 2 hours) and the Testing Protocol’s analysis, the testing was recognized as successful.

For reference:

The NSD’s Emergency Situation Management Committee is a collegial body authorized to coordinate the activities of the company’s divisions and employees in emergency situations. It is activated in accordance with a decision by NSD’s Vice President or NSD’s Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee responsible for supervising the activities of the NSD’s Business Continuity Service.

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