MICEX-Northwest Begins Operating as NDC's Regional Representative in St. Petersburg

01 November 2010
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MOSCOW – "The National Depository Center" (Closed Joint Stock Company) (NDC), Russia's only settlement depository servicing the full range of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers, reports that on 1 November, 2010, “Regional Exchange Center “MICEX-Northwest” (MICEX-Northwest) assumed functions of NDC's regional representative in St. Petersburg.

Previously in St. Petersburg the NDC’ participants have been served by the NDC - St. Petersburg Branch. The terms of depository services offered to NDC participants as well as the office location, telephone numbers and email addresses will not be changed due to the transfer of NDC’s regional representatives’ functions to MICEX-Northwest. The address of NDC's regional representative is as follows: Poltavsky Business Center, office 204 6A Poltavskaya Street, 191024 St. Petersburg. The number of tel./fax of NDC's regional representative is +7 812 380 1088/87.

Eddie Astanin, Director General, NDC, said: "A stage of restructuring of NDC's regional network connected with NDC's merger with MICEX SH for formation of the National Settlement Depository is being completed after transfer of NDC's regional representative functions to MICEX-Northwest."

Detailed information of the provided services in St. Petersburg is available at the following telephone numbers: +7 812 380 1088 (NDC - St. Petersburg Branch), +7 495 956 2789 (NDC Customer Services Department).

About MICEX Group

The MICEX Group is an integrated exchange that provides services related to electronic trading, clearing, settlements as well as depository and information services. The Group is comprised of the MICEX, the MICEX Stock Exchange, the National Mercantile Exchange, the MICEX Settlement House, the National Depository Centre, commercial bank National Clearing Centre, regional exchange and settlement centers, as well as other organizations. The Group serves over 1700 participants in the on-exchange market – leading Russian banks and broker companies from Moscow and other large financial and industrial centers of Russia. At present, the MICEX Group is the largest exchange in Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe.
In terms of the volumes of on-exchange trading in securities, the MICEX Stock Exchange is among the worlds’ top 25 stock exchanges.

About NDC

"The National Depository Center" (Closed Joint Stock Company) is the largest settlement depository in Russia, servicing on-exchange and OTC transactions with all types of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers. NDC provides storage of global certificates and depository accounting for 99% of corporate bond issues, sub-federal and municipal bond issues. It services 100% of transactions conducted in the federal bond and the Bank of Russia bond markets, more than 99% of transactions conducted in the corporate and regional bond markets, the majority of transactions with equities and also services UIT units and Eurobonds. The international rating agency Thomas Murray has assigned NDC an АА- rating as a central depository. NDC is Russia's national numbering agency, and the substitute numbering agency for the CIS, authorized to assign the international ISIN and CFI codes.

For further information about NDC: www.ndc.ru, or NDC Public Affairs Division: +7 495 232 0910,

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