MICEX SH Supervisory Board Approves New Tariffs; NDC's Board of Directors Elects New Members of Committee for Interactions with Registrars and Depositories

19 October 2010
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MOSCOW – "The National Depository Center" (Closed Joint Stock Company) (NDC), Russia's only settlement depository servicing the full range of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers, and MICEX Settlement House (MICEX SH), report that on 19 October, 2010, the meetings of MICEX SH's Supervisory Board and of NDC's Board of Directors were conducted. 

The Supervisory Board of MICEX SH has approved the new monthly safekeeping tariffs for government, municipal and corporate bonds. The new tariffs are to come into effect starting the first day of the month following the month of receipt by MICEX SH of a document confirming entry of a record into Unified State Register of Legal Entities on discontinuation of activities of NDC by means of its reorganization in the form of its accession to MICEX SH. The reduction of the tariffs is to amount to 20%.

The Board of Directors of NDC has made the following decisions:

1. The BoD has approved NDC's Regulations on the Committee for Interactions with Registrars and Depositories.

2. The BoD has elected the following members to the Committee:

1 Alexei Zhinkin Deputy General Director, Registrar NIKoil OJSC
Chairman of NDC's Committee of Interactions with Registrars and Depositories
2 Boris Cherkassky Deputy Director General, NDC
Deputy Chairman of NDC's Committee of Interactions with Registrars and Depositories
3 Natalya Abretova Chief of Depository Services and Correspondent Relations Directorate in the Depository, ROSBANK (OJSC JSCB)
4 Ekaterina Anisimova Banking Products Development Manager, Securities Department, ZAO Citibank
5 Maria Ivanova Chief of Depository Directorate, Deutsche Bank Ltd
6 Olga Kondratyeva Project Manager, INFINITUM Asset Services
7 Irina Kotova Director of Depository Services Department, Garant Specialized Depository Company LLC
8 Nadezhda Miller General Director, Reyestr A-Plus CJSC
9 Alexander Nazarov Director of Depository Services Department, ZAO UniCredit Bank
10 Mikhail Nedelsky General Director, Status CJSC
11 Nadezhda Perekhodova Deputy Chief of Department for Register Maintenance, First Specialized Depository CJSC
12 Igor Polyakov Chairman of the Board of Directors, Novy Registrator CJSC
13 Natalya Sidorova Chief of Depository Services Directorate, ING BANK (EURASIA) ZAO
14 Yuri Taranovsky General Director, Reestr OJSC
15 Nadezhda Ustinova First Deputy General Director, Closed Joint Stock Company «United Depository Company»
16 Olga Chernyshova Chief of Depository Center, GPB (OJSC)

About MICEX Group

The MICEX Group is an integrated exchange that provides services related to electronic trading, clearing, settlements as well as depository and information services. The Group is comprised of the MICEX, the MICEX Stock Exchange, the National Mercantile Exchange, the MICEX Settlement House, the National Depository Centre, commercial bank National Clearing Centre, regional exchange and settlement centers, as well as other organizations. The Group serves over 1700 participants in the on-exchange market – leading Russian banks and broker companies from Moscow and other large financial and industrial centers of Russia. At present, the MICEX Group is the largest exchange in Russia, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe.
In terms of the volumes of on-exchange trading in securities, the MICEX Stock Exchange is among the worlds’ top 25 stock exchanges.

About the MICEX SH

The MICEX Settlement House (MICEX SH) is Russia’s largest non-banking credit institution specializing in providing settlement services to participants in financial markets of the Russian Federation. MICEX SH provides settlement services that meet present-day requirements for efficiency, continuity and operational reliability. In accordance with agreements concluded between MICEX SH and the Bank of Russia, MICEX SH acts as a settlement center for the organized securities market.

Services provided by the MICEX SH are in high demand. Its clients number more than 890 major banks and financial companies from various regions of Russia, such as Sberbank, GPB (OJSC), Vnesheconombank, JSC VTB Bank, financial companies Troika Dialog and BCS Ltd., major foreign financial institutions subsidiaries, including CB “J.P. Morgan Chase Bank”(LLC), ZAO Citibank, Deutsche Bank Ltd., ZAO UniCredit Bank, ZAO Raiffeisenbank, Russian and foreign exchanges, the largest international brokerage company subsidiary “Cargill Yug. Ltd.” and other organizations.

For further information about MICEX SH: http://www.micex.ru/group/settlementhouse/

About NDC

"The National Depository Center" (Closed Joint Stock Company) is the largest settlement depository in Russia, servicing on-exchange and OTC transactions with all types of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers. NDC provides storage of global certificates and depository accounting for 99% of corporate bond issues, sub-federal and municipal bond issues. It services 100% of transactions conducted in the federal bond and the Bank of Russia bond markets, more than 99% of transactions conducted in the corporate and regional bond markets, the majority of transactions with equities and also services UIT units and Eurobonds. The international rating agency Thomas Murray has assigned NDC an АА- rating as a central depository. NDC is Russia's national numbering agency, and the substitute numbering agency for the CIS, authorized to assign the international ISIN and CFI codes.

For further information about NDC: www.ndc.ru, or NDC Public Affairs Division: +7 495 232 0910,

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