NDC ready to service all active Russian trading systems

17 June 2005
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NDC is ready to service all active Russian trading systems, in particular, to service the Russian Trading System (RTS), as Nikolay Egorov, NDC CEO, informed the 2nd Annual International Russian Securities Infrastructure and Operations Forum.

Nikolay Egorov remarked that if RTS, the controlling stockholder of DCC, resolves to further consolidate the settlement and depository structure, NDC is prepared to discuss with RTS all the stages and conditions of such transfer to the united settlement center which will serve RTS, MICEX and other trading floors.

"This shall be an integrated technological, organizational and operational solution, which would satisfy all the interested parties and would ensure efficiency of the settlement system with participation of the Central Securities Depository, which we are planning to establish. Foundation of such system shall be build up on a voluntary basis with no infringement of anyone’s interests or rights. We see a world of possibilities and a great potential for positive development of the situation for all parties involved," – emphasized Nikolay Egorov.
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