Depository documents

Document name File Effective date
Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations
188 kB
Appendix 1. Templates of documents to be filled in by clients
2 MB
Appendix 2. Templates of documents to be issued to clients
2 MB
Guidelines on the Procedure for Interaction between the Depository and Clients in the Course of Performance under the Terms and Conditions of Depository Operations of National Settlement Depository
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Appendix 1. List of Documents to Be Submitted by Clients to the Depository and Documents to Be Provided to Clients upon Execution of Depository Transactions, Instruction/Details Form Completion Guidelines 21.09.2020
Appendix 2. Procedure for Market Valuation of Equity/Debt Securities or UIT Units by the Depository 15.06.2020
Appendix 3. Procedure for Generating a Trade Reference for Transfers of Securities with Cash Settlement Control (Transaction Codes – 16/2 and 16/3) 16.07.2018
Appendix 4. Regulations on the Procedure for Performance of Withholding Agent Functions under the Russian Tax Code
247 kB
Appendix 5. Rules of Interaction with NSD in the Course of Corporate Information Sharing, Corporate Actions Processing and Other Transactions 17.08.2020
Appendix 6. Procedure for Tax Disclosure (Updated Tax Disclosure) for Depositary Receipts on Russian Stocks 15.10.2018
Appendix 7. Rules of Provision by NSD of Services for the Accounting of Foreign Financial Instruments Not Qualified as Securities 15.06.2020
Appendix 8. Procedure for the Recordkeeping of the Rights for the Securities Subject to the USA Tax Code 17.08.2020
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