Customer Committee for Settlement and Depository Services and Tariffs

  Full name Position
1 Alexander Nazarov Head of the Product Management Division of the Securities Department, Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank "Citibank"
Chairperson of the Committee
2 Olga Alekseeva Head of Depository Activities Department, BrokerCreditService Ltd
3 Natalia Bokach-Antonova Head of Depository, Financial Markets Operations Division, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW
4 Irina Gurova Head of Operations Development Projects, INFINITUM Asset Services
5 Yulia Davydova Deputy Director of the Department, Head of the Securities Service Department, Public Joint Stock Company ROSBANK
6 Igor Zhelezny Managing Director of Depository, Sberbank of Russia
7 Dmitry Zaliznyak Head of Depository Services Division, CB J.P. Morgan Bank International (LLC)
8 Alexey Zenov Head of Issuer Corporate Actions, ALFA-BANK Joint Stock Company
9 Regina Zeyatdinova Head of the Depository Operations Unit of the Operations Department, JSC OTKRITIE Brokerage House
10 Galina Karyakina Chief Operating Officer, Freedom Finance Investment Company
11 Igor Komkov Director of the Financial Markets Support Department, PJSC "Best Efforts Bank"
12 Lyudmila Korniyenko Head of the Depository Operations Department, “REGION Broker Company” LLC
13 Denis Kuznetsov Head of Depository, Limited Liability Company "ATON"
14 Irina Lubenina Head of the Settlement Unit of the Correspondent Relationships and Settlement Division, Operations Department, Bank of Russia
15 Anatoly Lukashov Deputy General Director for Development, IC VELES Capital LLC
16 Elena Lyalikova Director of the Depository, Finance Unit, VEB.RF
17 Oksana Markova Head of the Business Operations Support Unit, JSC VTB Capital
18 Dmitry Medvedev Head of Operational Business Support Unit, JSC UniCredit Bank
19 Irina Orlovskaya Head of Depository Services Methodology Division, Depository Center, Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company)
20 Yaroslav Solomatin Head of the Depository Operations Unit, GPB Investments LLC
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