Customer Committee for Registrar and Depository Relations

  Full name Position
1 Vadim Protasenko First Deputy General Director, JS Company “R.O.S.T. Registrar”
Chairperson of the Committee
2 Natalya Abretova Head of Depository Services, Public Joint Stock Company ROSBANK
3 Gulli Aslanova Head of the Department for Support of Corporate Procedures, Shareholder Relations Service, Investor Relations Department, VTB Bank (PJSC)
4 Rushaniya Barkhatova Director, JSC “Noviy Registrator”
5 Olga Barysheva Head of Depository Operations, PJSC "Best Efforts Bank"
6 Maksim Getsman Deputy General Director for Principal Business, CJSC VTB Registrar
7 Natalya Desyatova Deputy Head of the Depository Operations Department, “REGION Broker Company” LLC
8 Natalia Drugova Head of Custody Operations, CB “J.P. Morgan Bank International” (LLC)
9 Aleksandra Isachenkova Head of the Depository Unit, CJSC LMS Investment Company
10 Sergey Korpunkov Officer of the Department for Register Maintenance, CJSC First Specialized Depository
11 Viktor Norkin Deputy General Director, Director of the Technology Development Center, "REESTR"
12 Evgeny Papin Director for Technology and Development, JSC DRAGA
13 Svetlana Sapronova Head of Depository Services, INFINITUM Asset Services
14 Alexander Tropanov Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs, JSC Professional Registration Centre
15 Marina Uspenskaya Deputy General Director, Head of the Issuer Services Department, Registrar “Garant” LLC
16 Aleksey Tsarev Head of the External Payments and Transactions Accounting Unit, Depository Transactions Division, Investment Business Transactions Support Department, “Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation” (Public Joint Stock Company)
17 Timur Shamgunov Deputy Head of Financial Market Transactions Accounting Division, Operations Department, Bank of Russia
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