NSD Shareholder with more than 99% of NSD’s share capital / ordinary shares

Shareholder’s name Share in NSD’s
share capital, (%)
Quantity of ordinary shares
of NSD held by the Shareholder
Public Joint-Stock Company «Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS» (Moscow Exchange), registered address: 13, Bolshoy Kislovsky per, 125009 Moscow, Russia, Taxpayer Identification Number 7702077840, Primary State Registration Number 1027739387411

Moscow Exchange has no controlling persons.
99.997 1 180 641

NSD Shareholders jointly holding less than 1% of NSD's share capital / ordinary shares

  1. Gazprombank (Joint-Stock Company)
  2. Public joint-stock company ROSBANK
  3. CentroCredit Bank
  4. VTB Bank (public joint-stock company)
  5. State Development Corporation "VEB.RF
  6. ALOR Plus Corporation
  7. Joint stock company Raiffeisenbank
  8. Stock company Saint-Petersburg Currency Exchange
  9. Joint Stock Company UniCredit Bank
  10. KIT Finance (Joint-stock company)
  11. Commercial Bank "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (Limited Liability Company)
  12. Limited Liability Company "ATON"
  13. BrokerCreditService Limited
  14. "OOO Morgan Stanley Bank"
  15. AO "ALFA-BANK"
  16. "Bank "Saint-Petersburg" Public Joint-Stock Company
  17. Otkritie Broker Joint Stock Company
  18. Sberbank of Russia
  19. Joint Stock Company «Bank DOM.RF»
  20. INFINITUM Asset Services
  21. Renaissance Broker Limited
  22. Reestr-RN Limited Liability Company
  23. Novyi Registrator JSC
  24. Professional Registration Center CJSC
  25. Joint Stock Company "DRAGa"
  26. Joint Stock Company «R.O.S.T. Registrar»
  27. Investment Company "Zerich Capital Management" Joint Stock Company
  28. Evrofinance Mosnarbank
  29. Clearstream Banking S.A.
  30. Euroclear Bank SA/NV.
  31. Republican Unitary Enterprise "Republican Central Securities Depository" (Republic of Belarus)
  32. Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank "Citibank"
  33. Joint Stock Company «Russian regional development bank»
  34. «RON Invest»
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